April & May Favourites

It’s been a great two months and I’ve got some new favourites to share with you. The favourites may not change very much but hey that’s why they’re favourites and when you find new things that work just as well or better then your favourites are bound to change.

Rimmel Makeup Products

PICT0048 (1)

My favourite Rimmel foundation at the minute is the wake me up foundation in shade ivory. I have had this in my makeup kit for a while but only occasionally used it, but recently I have been using it quite a bit. The foundation feels light on the skin and isn’t cakey, the only downside is that it doesn’t give good coverage during breakouts.

Kate’s Rimmel lipsticks have been a bit of a favourite over the last while because there is a good selection of colours to choose from they last all day and smell good. The sades I’ve been using are 56 Boho Nude, 54 Rock ‘N’ Rolla and 53 Retro Red.

PICT0051 (1)

Shower Gel & Body Butter

The shower gel I have been loving at the moment is the Korres Bergamot & Pear shower gel it smells amazing and it leaves your skin feeling great, this is something I will be using again.

I’m loving Jack Wills body butter in fragrance English Velvet, the good things about this are unlike other body butters it absorbs easily into the skin with no sticky residue and leaves the skin silky smooth and smelling amazing.

PICT0046 (1)

This outfit is comfy and cosy, probably too cosy with the hot weather that we are getting at the moment. This sweatshirt a recent purchase from Holister which is just so comfy and cosy and even better, it is going to be perfect for Autumn and Winter.

These jeans are in my favourites, not only are they comfortable but they’re also the perfect fit.

I  have been looking for a pair of leopard print shoes for a while and when I found these I fell in love with them. Plus they go with anything – a perfect pair.

the karenlouise xx

My Wishlist

I have been quite good recently and not been spending to much on make up or clothes, if you are into those two things then I think it’s best to have a wishlist, and I definitely have a wishlist. Here are a few things on that list.

Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler

chopstick styler

I have straighteners but I’m not very good at curling my hair with with them, so I’m hoping this gadget will make it easier for me.

Solei tan de Chanel


This cream bronzer  is always talked about by bloggers/vloggers and everyone seems to love it so, I will have to try this myself.

River Island Leopard print heeled boots


I have been after these for a while now and I know its summer but I think they would be perfect to brighten up Autumn and winter outfits.

U.O have a nice day over dye crewneck sweatshirt.


I love baggy jumpers and the colour of this is just beautiful.

whats on your wishlist?

the karenlouise


March Favourites and new Products

Iv’e decided to do my March favourites instead of an outfit or beauty post, but don’t worry the outfit and beauty posts wont be going anywhere.

IMG_2550 (2)

Pull and Bear ankle boots.

I bought these boots a while ago and I never really wore them but during march I wore them a few times and I love them, I will definitely be wearing them quite a bit this season and throughout the year when I can.

Pull and Bear men’s oversized sweatshirt (blue)

I know this is men’s but I don’t mind because it looks good on me lol. This oversized sweatshirt is so cosy and comfy that I haven’t really left it off since and I would love another one.


Sleek Contour and Highlight

I have been using this quite a lot and I love it, I prefer this over my Rimmel Kate contour and highlight because I found the cream was easier for me to use over the powder but saying that I would still recommend both and ladies don’t let cream contour and highlight scare you, give it a go. I will definitely be buying another one when it runs out.

NYX Lip Lingerie in shades Teddy and Embellishment

To tell you the truth I wanted to try these because Zoella mentioned the NYX lip lingerie in one of her videos. For someone who doesn’t really wear lipstick I have to say I love this product so much, its so easy to apply and I wear it nearly all the time now

Sleek Highlight (Cleopatra’s Kiss)

This is one of the new products I bought. I was looking for a highlighter which was brighter than the one I already have and this is the product I was looking for.

Bourjois Paris Maxi Bronzer

Another new product I got my hands on. I do have bronzer’s but I was looking for one that would make me look slightly more tan but with a glow and this bronzer certainly does the job.

Whats your March favourites

the karenlouise


Nyx Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks

First Impressions

IMG_2500 (2)

I was introduced to the Nyx Lingerie from Zoella when she showed the colours she bought and I was intrigued. I’ve never used Nyx products so I wasnt too sure.

In the end I decided to see what it was like. The two colours that I decided to go with where Teddy and Embellishment which are both nude colours.

IMG_2497 (4)

Over all I love these and I really rate them, especially when you consider the price – £6.50 each. Texture wise they feel whipped/mousse like when applied, drying to a matte finish. I don’t find them overly drying the only thing I don’t like is when you apply more than one coat you seem to get little balls of product on the lips but that is easily fixed.

IMG_2409 (2)


IMG_2392 (2)


I had not tried the Kylie Cosmetics lip kits, but based on the picture Teddy seems to have the “True brown” look to it. On me Teddy does come out that dark brown colour but if you want to make it darker I would say layer up the colour.


This has more of a purple tone rather than a brown, this also drys matte which is perfect for me. This would be a more day to day colour than Teddy.

I love both these shades and I will be buying other shades also. I am definitely recommending this product.

the karenlouise



First, I need to say that yes I did clean my bag before I decided to do this! I’m normally good with cleaning my bag out, I like to make sure that I have everything I need – most of the time anyway.

Lets start with the bag first.

Fiorelli Satchel Bag


This is my go to bag at the minute,I’ve had it just over a month now and I love it just as much as I did when I first got it, I usually do this thing where I get completely obsessed with one bag and then wear it so much for months and then move on to the next one. This is just the perfect bag for everyday bits – it fits a lot more than you would expect.



I love this purse from Stradivarius, yes it is huge but I do use all of the space I’ve got photos in it, notes and also all of the receipts I seem to accumulate so the size definitely helps.

W7 Lipbomb

Yes its called a lip bomb! Is easy to take anywhere and it is incredibly soft, super effective which helps with any dry lip horridness.

Nail kit

I have this with me at all times just in case I break a nail yano lol.

Hand Santitiser

I have this in my bag so I can use it in the case of emergency’s.

SOS Hand Concentrate

During this time of year I seem to use a lot of hand creams and this one is just perfect for my hands that tend to be dry during the winter and it lasts so long because a small amount goes a long way.


I don’t have any lipstick in my bag at the minute as I usually throw the one in that I put on before I go out and the colour might change every day.


I always have a brush with me and this one is just the perfect size to fit into my bag.

Hope you’ve enjoyed todays post! What are your bag necessities that you can’t leave the house without?

Tomboy kind of feeling


There are days where I just don’t want to put any makeup on and not dress girly and today was one of those days. This outfit is definitely the type of tomboy outfit that I would normally wear on days like today.


For me tomboy isn’t so much about style but more about being comfortable, I’m sure we all have our own take on what we wear when we have comfy, tomboy days.


I just want to mention these boots, they are so comfy, the boots are from Zara slip on and zip up – I don’t know if there will any left but I will leave links to similar styles below.


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I’ve always been the hunt for the perfect skincare, I have been trying a lot of stuff that just didn’t work for my skin. As I like to try new things, I wanted to try BodyShops skincare range.

The BodyShop is committed to using natural ingredients, from 2015 they have stopped using microbeads in there face washes and instead use natural exfoliants they also prohibited the use of other plastics.


Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser 100ml £5.50

I never really used to cleans before using a face wash but now that I’ve started cleansing my skin already starts to feel and look better.

Tea Tree 3-in-1 Wash scrub Mask 125ml £8.00

This 3-in-1 is my favourite though saying that I haven’t used it as a a mask just as yet. For those of you like me who gets breakouts then this is perfect as is doesn’t dry your skin out or leave it feeling tight.

Tea Tree Skin Mattifying Toner 250ml £5.50

I’ve only been using this toner for a short period of time but I do notice a slight difference, I think I will notice a big difference after a longer period of time.


Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion 50ml £9.00

I love this product it soothes the skin, it also takes the redness out of my spots. This product also helps to keep your makeup matte for a good part of the day which is a bonus for me. I would recommend this product as I have noticed it doesn’t dry my skin out.

Tea Tree Night Lotion 30ml £10.00

This Night Lotion hydrates my skin throughout the night which is good for my blemished skin, Also because I have oily skin this helps control any excess oil during the night.

Maybe I haven’t used the right products in the past or maybe not the combination of products – but I,m using this combination and it works.