Berry Blast Cocktail


As well as a blogger I’m also a waitress/bartender and where I work we have gin days dedicated to gin obvs, we have a cocktails list with gin cocktails on that list. The one  I was drawn to is a gin berry kiss, the colour and smell is amazing.

I thought I would try it myself at home but realised I didn’t have all the ingredients, so I decided to make my own cocktail with what I had at home and its that good, I thought I just have to share it for you all to try ( If you are 18 of course ).

To make this light, pink and delicious drink you will need :


50 mls Greenalls wild berry gin

50 mls Asda summer fruits cordial

1/2 lemon juice

Apple juice

Shake and serve

Top with elder flower tonic

The good thing about this drinks recipe is that you can change it to suit yourself and apart from the gin there aren’t restrictions on what you put it.

to finish the drink off and it look 5* slice some strawberry’s and pop them in with some ice.

I hope you enjoy this cocktail if you give it a try and let me know f you have gin cocktails of your own that you would recommend.

the karenlouise xx

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