March Favourites and new Products

Iv’e decided to do my March favourites instead of an outfit or beauty post, but don’t worry the outfit and beauty posts wont be going anywhere.

IMG_2550 (2)

Pull and Bear ankle boots.

I bought these boots a while ago and I never really wore them but during march I wore them a few times and I love them, I will definitely be wearing them quite a bit this season and throughout the year when I can.

Pull and Bear men’s oversized sweatshirt (blue)

I know this is men’s but I don’t mind because it looks good on me lol. This oversized sweatshirt is so cosy and comfy that I haven’t really left it off since and I would love another one.


Sleek Contour and Highlight

I have been using this quite a lot and I love it, I prefer this over my Rimmel Kate contour and highlight because I found the cream was easier for me to use over the powder but saying that I would still recommend both and ladies don’t let cream contour and highlight scare you, give it a go. I will definitely be buying another one when it runs out.

NYX Lip Lingerie in shades Teddy and Embellishment

To tell you the truth I wanted to try these because Zoella mentioned the NYX lip lingerie in one of her videos. For someone who doesn’t really wear lipstick I have to say I love this product so much, its so easy to apply and I wear it nearly all the time now

Sleek Highlight (Cleopatra’s Kiss)

This is one of the new products I bought. I was looking for a highlighter which was brighter than the one I already have and this is the product I was looking for.

Bourjois Paris Maxi Bronzer

Another new product I got my hands on. I do have bronzer’s but I was looking for one that would make me look slightly more tan but with a glow and this bronzer certainly does the job.

Whats your March favourites

the karenlouise


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