First, I need to say that yes I did clean my bag before I decided to do this! I’m normally good with cleaning my bag out, I like to make sure that I have everything I need – most of the time anyway.

Lets start with the bag first.

Fiorelli Satchel Bag


This is my go to bag at the minute,I’ve had it just over a month now and I love it just as much as I did when I first got it, I usually do this thing where I get completely obsessed with one bag and then wear it so much for months and then move on to the next one. This is just the perfect bag for everyday bits – it fits a lot more than you would expect.



I love this purse from Stradivarius, yes it is huge but I do use all of the space I’ve got photos in it, notes and also all of the receipts I seem to accumulate so the size definitely helps.

W7 Lipbomb

Yes its called a lip bomb! Is easy to take anywhere and it is incredibly soft, super effective which helps with any dry lip horridness.

Nail kit

I have this with me at all times just in case I break a nail yano lol.

Hand Santitiser

I have this in my bag so I can use it in the case of emergency’s.

SOS Hand Concentrate

During this time of year I seem to use a lot of hand creams and this one is just perfect for my hands that tend to be dry during the winter and it lasts so long because a small amount goes a long way.


I don’t have any lipstick in my bag at the minute as I usually throw the one in that I put on before I go out and the colour might change every day.


I always have a brush with me and this one is just the perfect size to fit into my bag.

Hope you’ve enjoyed todays post! What are your bag necessities that you can’t leave the house without?

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