My Autumn Essentials


Today ive decided to do a we post on my Autumn essentials. There are several things I can think of when it comes to Autumn, of which I have included here. The nights are getting darker and defiantly getting colder which means spending nights in, in front of the TV under a blanket, with a hot drink in hand.


Around this time of year I have noticed that my hands get that little bit dryer so im going to start using a lot more hand cream (never used to) I know I should. I have three hand creams in my house think it is about time I put one in my handbag lol.

This time of year I up my use of lip balms and I have put the ones on here that I really like. One I do really like at the moment is the Superdrug little relieving tin which has menthol to help dry chapped lips, perfect for Autumn and Winter dont you think? it works so well for me. Another lip balm I like at the minute is Ciens Honey and Milk lip balms which softens my lips and it has a SPF which is perfect for the summer months aswell.


WARM DRINKS! For someone who doesn’t like Coffee and rarely drinks ordinary tea, this is the time of year where I actually feel like I fit in, with hot chocolate and flavoured teas. My favourite cup of hot chocolate is when my boyfriend makes it, because he for sure makes it so much nicer me hehe, The hot chocolate that he uses is Marks and Spencer’s own hot chocolate and it tastes so amazing especially with Marshmallows.

Cosy nights in front of the TV cuddled up on the sofa with a cup of hot chocolate in hand, couldn’t ask for anything more.

What Autumn Essentials are you looking forward to using this season?

the karenlouise


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