Garnier & Rimmel

Hi my lovely’s, i’m back with a quick review on two products and they are, The Garnier Skin active Moisture Bomb and the The Rimmel london Fresher skin Foundation.

Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb.


Garnier have released a new line of moisture bomb products. It includes facemasks, night creams and day cream moisturises. I tried the Super – hydrating moisture day 3 in 1 , after using my skin had no dryness, felt moisturised, soft and smoother than before use. I then decided to see how it would rate as an overnight cream. Surely if it hydrated over 24 hours then double the dose could only be good lol. I applied the cream to freshly cleaned skin and just smoothed it over allowing it soak in without rubbing. The results were fantastic! My skin when I woke up was so soft and no dryness, any signs of breakouts or redness from the previous evening virtually disappeared along with fine lines. Night creams are usually more experienced than day creams so to be able to use this as 2 in 1 day/night cream is great for both the product and my pocket!! added bonus that Garnier have thrown in for free are a great smelling cream and with all Ganier products – democratically tested.

Rimmel london Fresher skin Foundation (spf15)


Rimmel have launched this new foundation that promises to be light on the skin and also able to a flawless finish. Yes it is light on the skin maybe to light for my skin tone, (my skin tone- 100 ivory) but I would agree that it is breathable and it gives you that flawless look. I like my foundation to last all day with or without a fixing spray and it did even with the heat that we have had over the last few days. So over all it does ass Rimmel promised.  ” Lightness with a flawless finish”

Have you tried any face creams or Foundations that you love.

The Karenlouise


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